Resident Evil Hunk Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks

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Resident Evil Hunk

Resident Evil Hunk Walkthrough

Umbrella is hated in Resident Evil Hunk game almost as much as EA in ours. Still, there is one man that every player admires for his calculated, cold, and pragmatic outlook that makes it possible for him to survive even the grimmest of situations & that is Hunk. Gamers have been waiting to see more of him since Resident Evil 2 Remake was launched, and now they have a chance to do so.

Hunk Character Overview

Not much is known about Hunk’s character. However, he first appeared in Resident Evil 2 as the Alpha Team Leader of Umbrella Security. Hunk puts the mission at top priority, and as such, has never failed a single task. Unlike Leon or Claire, HUNK starts his task off well equipped, a shotgun, sporting two handguns, a submachine gun, and with a slew of healing items, but the thing is that there is no loot to be found, and that’s all he gets for the run.

To increase the tension off, there is a timer running for the period of the Fourth Survivor, so gamers will likely compare themselves to their competitors to see who can be the quickest one to the extraction by Nighthawk. One more thing that could throw fans off is Hunk’s voice. All is nice and dandy until you start expecting the ruthless operative to ask you whether you reach the cloud district very often.

Resident Evil Hunk is the best RAID Mode Character

The True Survivor

Players refer to the game’s leading character as the “only survivors” of their respective stories. After all, the Resident Evil Hunk game can’t advance when protagonists like Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and Leon Kennedy die prematurely. The case isn’t the same with HUNK, as the Umbrella Operative seems to have a knack for survival regardless of the circumstance.

The Grim Reaper

Because of his mysterious origins and track record, many gamers refer to Hunk as “The Grim Reaper.” In turn, Hunk also gets titles such as “Dr. Death,” “Mr. Death,” “God of Death,” or “Death.” This mistranslation even led to the somewhat humorous quote, “The death cannot die.”

No Pleasant Encounters

Despite Hunk’s reputation, the lone soldier seems to have piles of bodies always following his wake. The only known information about HUNK’s past is his training in Rockfort Island’s Military Training Center in 1996. In some way, Hunk remained the sole survivor of all his missions, earning him the “Grim Reaper” nickname.

The Definition Of Tacticool

Players of Resident Evil Hunk find mutual love over HUNK’s rather unsympathetic character due to his arguably “cool” physical appearance. Of all characters in the game, Hunk boasts quite the most intimidating yet tactically appropriate impression. For instance, apart from his gas mask with the signature red lens, Hunk hides his body with protective gear and plenty of combat pockets. In turn, his design philosophy shows that if any Umbrella Operative will survive an outbreak, it’s HUNK and his many weapons.

Always A Powerhouse

Interestingly, showing HUNK’s reputation as a minigame character, his appearance always denoted the arrival of some “perks” as well. Throughout his appearances, HUNK always boasted increased firepower or skillset that characterized his specialized training. For instance, in the year 1998’s “The 4th Survivor,” Hunk brags some of the highest base HP for a playable character in any game. Moreover, he starts with eight inventory slots with a Magnum, Shotgun, Handgun, and even some herbs.

May Have Started The Global Bioterrorism Scare

Resident Evil Hunk Walkthrough

If it weren’t for the virus outbreak in Raccoon valley, the global black market would not be interested in the possibility of bioweapons as a saleable item. However, when people point towards Umbrella as the primary cause of the virus, HUNK may have been the person who lit the fuse.

A Legendary Mercenary

When Umbrella Corporation “fell” in the year 2003, HUNK gained fame as a deadly mercenary. In specific, HUNK gained notoriety for his experience against bioweapons. This expertise helped HUNK create the Close Quarantined Battle Zone (CQBZ) battling style specially designed against bioweapons. These weapons include the Zombie Jammer, Zombie Eizen, custom Bite Guard, and Zombie Bell equipment.

The Original Star Of Resident Evil 3

After the hit of Resident Evil 2, Capcom had a lot of projects under its belt. Unluckily, the lifespan of the PlayStation didn’t make space for a core title. Furthermore, the team didn’t have time to upgrade to the PlayStation 2, either, which means the original Resident Evil Hunk Costume 3 concept had been put on the shelf. Another supposed-RE3 eventually became Code: Veronica, and it’s the third project that featured Jill that became the core title.

Opposite The Stylish Ada

Interestingly, gamers of the series will associate Hunk with another mysterious small character, Ada Wong. After all, the two characters do have identicality. Both serve as minor characters that work for either an enemy faction (HUNK with Umbrella) or a mysterious benefactor (Ada with the Corporation). Moreover, both characters boast incredible fighting ability, capable of handling various zombies and bioweapons independently.

Losing A Human Touch

Players can find more insight regarding HUNK in some other media, particularly in the promotional campaign for Operation Raccoon City. In this campaign, a fictional psychological report notes that HUNK kept a “solder side” and removed any traces of a “human side.” However, Resident Evil Hunk Figure shows reaction to the name “Bella,” albeit the reason remained unknown.

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